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Thank you for visiting the official website of Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications (DSP) - where we make your writing dreams come true. Here at DSP our mission is simple, to bring you the best in Urban, Christian and General Fiction! Whether you are an aspiring author or an established one, Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications is able to turn your thoughts and words into manuscript form.

Specializing in urban fiction, we have helped several up and coming authors to produce finished products that they can be proud of for years to come.

Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications offers services to aid you through your book-publishing journey from its inception to completion. We offer professional services in the areas of book cover concepts and artwork, ghostwriting, copywriting, pricing consultation, editing, author endorsement, ISBN, barcode and printing services. Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications even goes a step further than other self-publishing services by helping you to get your books distributed in Urban, Secular and Christian markets. DSP is now distributed by Biblio Distribution! Biblio Distribution, Inc. is the sister company of National Book Network, Inc.,(NBN) the fastest growing book distributor in North America. Biblio was formed in early 2001 to provide a new approach to effectively represent books published by small trade publishers. Because of its connection to NBN, Biblio offers these publishers distribution capabilities that are as sophisticated and state-of-the-art as those enjoyed by the largest publishers in the industry.

Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications is founded by the highly acclaimed novelist Deborah Smith-Simpkins, author of Ministers with White Collars and Black Secrets, Robbed Without A Gun and Sex Secrets for the Married Woman. Deborah knows what it takes to pen and produce beautiful and impacting manuscripts as evidenced by her works, which have also sold tens of thousands of copies to date and still counting!

Now that all of your excuses have been removed as to why that manuscript is still just sitting, give us a call today. As your manuscript leaves your mind and enters into the hands of your many loyal readers, you will be glad that you took action.


Deborah Smith-Simpkins
Founder of Deborah Smith-Simpkins Publications


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